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Pray As We Can… Not As We Can’t

  • 4 Monday evenings 6-8pm starting the 5th June
  • £80
  • Rosey Feuell

The course is designed for practising or trained spiritual directors, those exploring this ministry and those working in, say, pastoral care, therapy and listening situations where one may “advise” others on prayer. We aim to demystify prayer by considering various simpler kinds together and to discuss issues which may arise when working with directees/clients. There will be opportunities for personal exploration of the methods/material as well as discussion, problem-solving and further input from the tutor.

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Developing Direction - Ask for What You Want

After a long period in Christian history when desire was frowned upon as suspect, we return at last to the joy of finding God in our deepest desire. Although familiar to many, this is still a ground-breaking insight for so many of the people we accompany. Susanne will help us to explore desire in spiritual direction and increase our confidence in drawing upon this in our work with others.

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Supervision for Spiritual Directors 2017

  • 20th – 21st May & 10th – 11th June 2017
  • £350
  • Antonia Lynn & Julie Dunstan

This is a 4 day training course in supervision for those working as spiritual directors taking place on 2 weekends: both Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 4pm.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Definitions of supervision
  • The tasks of supervision and skills required
  • Models and stages of supervision
  • Challenge and confrontative skills
  • The practice of supervision
  • Preparation and contact
  • Creative and group supervision

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Developing Direction - Held in Love

We’re still far too inclined to equate rules with oppressive structures. Instead, it can be the boundaries within which we find our deepest identity and fullest life. Sr Rachel will help us to explore this reality for ourselves and for those we accompany.

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Developing Direction - Knowing Me, Knowing You

Personality typologies have assisted many people over the years to understand themselves better and to appreciate the differences in others. The Enneagram is a special typology providing not just descriptors of different types of people but wisdom for the journey to wholeness. As spiritual directors, it can be a helpful lens through which to better see and support the people we accompany.

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Exploring Christian Spirituality 2017/2018

Dates for the 2017/2018 Course will be announced shortly. Exploring Christian Spirituality is open to people of all traditions, those of other faith groups, and any who are interested in exploring the theme of Christian Spirituality. The Course aims to: help you reflect on your own spiritual journey; learn about different ways of praying, develop your own spirituality, introduce you to the art of Spiritual Direction, help you explore how to integrate prayer and life, learn about some of the great traditions of Christian Spirituality and reflect on Bibblical themes and insights into the life of the Spirit.

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