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​Below you will find information about our one-off workshops and short courses. If you are interested in training to become a spiritual director, please go to our Encounter Course page for more information about our three year formation training.

Exploring Christian Spirituality 2017/2018

  • Monday afternoons from 20 November 2017 to 21st May 2018, 14.00 - 16.45pm
  • £390 full cost; £360 if booked before 9 October 2017

Exploring Christian Spirituality is open to people of all traditions, those of other faith groups, and any who are interested in exploring the theme of Christian Spirituality. The Course aims to: help you reflect on your own spiritual journey; learn about different ways of praying, develop your own spirituality, introduce you to the art of Spiritual Direction, help you explore how to integrate prayer and life, learn about some of the great traditions of Christian Spirituality and reflect on Bibblical themes and insights into the life of the Spirit.

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Journey to the Centre of the Soul: Guiding Explorers

The subject of his recently published book by the same title, this day will explore ‘the summons to a subterranean spiritual adventure, an odyssey of the soul’. He will call us deeper, in company with the great spiritual guides in Christian history who risked the depths, faced the darkness and made astonishing, transformative discoveries

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Short and Sweet: Working in Weeks of Accompanied Prayer and Retreats

Usually offered by a church community, weeks of accompanied prayer are a popular and fruitful way of supporting Christians in their everyday life to focus on prayer and their life of faith. This day will look at the particular focus needed and the challenges and gifts that such a format presents to spiritual directors.

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Conversation and Conversion: Narrative Theology and Spiritual Direction

Storytelling lies at the heart of many spiritual traditions - indeed, there would be no tradition without story! Using the sort of Candlemas we shall consider the nature of narrative theology and the meaning and power of conversation with plenty of opportunity to reflect on and work with our own stories in a safe and creative space.

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Safeguarding and Spiritual Direction

  • Friday 16th February 2018, 11:00am - 1:00pm
  • £30 full price; £27 for members of the Community of Spiritual Directors
  • Developing Direction

Safeguarding Training is now an ethical mandate for spiritual directors who wish to follow the Centre’s Code of Practice. If you’ve not attended a course anywhere in the last 5 years, we encourage you to sign up now for this workshop.

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Listening to Your Life: Discernment and Vocation in Spiritual Direction

An opportunity to reflect on issues which arise at times of transition and discernment. Change may be a choice, with new decisions emerging from exploring a sense of direction, or we may have to find a new sense of vocation in different circumstances which life presents to us. What themes might we encounter in listening to vocational questions and what resources might we draw on?

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The Treasures of Darkness: Working with the Shadow in Spiritual Direction

What is our Shadow? What do we do with those sides of our self that are not so easy to include in our spiritual journey? How does the Shadow relate to our inner freedom and fullness of life? Anne will help us explore ways of understanding and working with the Shadow for ourselves and for those we accompany.

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Supervision for Spiritual Directors 2018

This is a 4 day training course in supervision for those working as spiritual directors taking place on 2 weekends: both Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 4pm.

Topics to be covered include: Definitions of supervision; The tasks of supervision and skills required; Models and stages of supervision and Challenge and confrontative skills

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Exploring Healing in Spiritual Direction: Creative Reflections from a Therapeutic Community

This day is for those interested in exploring healing through spiritual accompaniment. It will explore some practical, creative and theological approaches of working with others for healing. This interactive day will give space and time for linking into our own healing journeys.

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The Friday Programme

  • Our monthly programme of workshops on Fridays beginning 6 October 2017.
  • £360 to book the whole series (includes a £45 discount); or £45 per workshop
  • Developing Direction

The ongoing Friday programme resumes in October with a very rich series of days led by experienced and inspired practitioners. As spiritual directors it’s easy to feel isolated and somewhat depleted. This is a good chance to both find community and be nourished in the vital ministry you offer.

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