Where is God in all this? How we ask about God in Spiritual Direction

with Julian Maddock

“Where is God in all this?” is a question much-beloved of spiritual directors. However, if God is “in all things” then this question makes no sense. What is the purpose of this question? What are we really asking? What are better ways of addressing this? These questions get right to the heart of what spiritual direction is and what makes it different from other listening disciplines. This day will explore how we we might ask about God with those who come to talk with us.

Julian Maddock

Julian has been serving an apprenticeship as a spiritual director since doing the 3-month course at St Beuno's in 1989. He was a hospital chaplain for 8 years. He leads the third year of the Ignatian Spirituality Course, hosted at LCSD, and he supervises spiritual directors and healthcare chaplains. He writes about the body, prayer, and the relationship with God at www.thisbody.info.


7 June 2019, 11.00am-4.00pm




London Centre for Spiritual Direction
The Church of St Edmund the King
Lombard Street


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