A Week of Accompanied Prayer

Event details

We very much hope to welcome you to the Week of Accompanied Prayer being held next July in the City of London. To help you and to help us give you the best possible support in this special week, we need some information and would like to give you some, too.

This is the way the week works. After an opening full group session on the Sunday afternoon, we ask you to undertake to pray for half an hour a day from Monday to Friday with material that you will be given. You will see your guide for up to half an hour a day from Monday to Friday at a time convenient to you, to talk about your prayer time. The retreat will finish with a gathering of everyone on the Saturday morning. You will never be asked to pray out loud. It is normal to feel quite anxious when taking on something like this for the first time but remember, your guide will be utterly on your side supporting you in your retreat.


Daily, from Sunday 14 July to Saturday 20 July


£35 donation (you are welcome to donate more if you are able)


London Centre for Spiritual Direction
The Church of St Edmund the King
Lombard Street


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