Shadows Hidden in Light

Exploring Spiritual Abuse

with Anne Solomon

What is spiritual abuse? What impact can the experience of spiritual abuse have on people’s lives and spiritual journey? And when revered religious leaders are found to be practicing the opposite of what they proclaim and stand for, inflicting spiritual abuse on others, what may be going on at a psychological level? This day will help directors look at what spiritual abuse is and isn’t, consider the thresholds of how it could manifest in spiritual direction work and how we hold safe and secure space for others, and look at the issues of working with a directee who feels they have experienced spiritual abuse in a religious context.

Anne Solomon

Anne Solomon is a tutor on the Gloucestershire Spiritual Direction Course, supports other formation programmes and runs workshops for experienced spiritual accompaniers. Also a Chartered Psychologist AFBPsS with an MA in Religion and Society, and Divinity awards, she works and writes within the fruitful dialogue between spirituality and psychology. Always in this work Anne carries a particular heart for ethics and standards in soul care settings.


Friday 7th May 2021, 11:00am - 4:00pm


£45 for non-members; £40 for members of the community of spiritual directors




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