I THINK THEREFORE: Gifts & challenges of working with people in their heads

with Maria Manuela Silva

Thinking doesn’t always get a good press. Richard Rohr has said that ‘I think therefore I am’ is the lowest point in our understanding of ourselves for it reduces us to one third of our left-brain hemisphere. Whether you agree or not, none of us can escape our thoughts. Thinking brings depth, height and breadth of insight. God calls us to ‘come and reason together’. But what happens when thinking keeps us from being truly present ‘to what is’? What are the reasons, the mechanisms, the traps?

Maria Manuela Silva

Maria has been involved in church ministry in some of the most economically and ethnically diverse London boroughs and currently lives in SW London. In addition, she is a Year 3 Tutor with the Encounter course. Maria is passionate about human flourishing, spiritual formation, the Portuguese sun and her three grandchildren!


Friday 3rd July 2020, 11:00am - 4:00pm




London Centre for Spiritual Direction
The Church of St Edmund the King
Lombard Street


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