Exploring Christian Spirituality

Our popular course is running again

with John-Francis Friendship and Nicola Mason

More and more people are developing an interest in spirituality. The emergence of an awareness that being human concerns matters of mind, body and spirit is not just limited to the personal realm but is being recognised as a factor in the way groups, organisations and societies function.

Exploring Christian Spirituality recognises this growing need and has been run by the London Centre for Spiritual Direction since 2006. It is designed to appeal to those who:

  • want to discover more about Christian spirituality
  • seek to widen their understanding of the subject
  • are considerig further courses but first want to deepen their awareness of the breadth of our tradition
  • would like to learn new forms of prayer
  • are hoping to develop courses in spirituality in their own churches
  • feel a call to train as Spiritual Director
  • are looking for a way of renewing their prayer.

The course aims to:

  • help you reflect on your own spiritual journey
  • learn about different ways of praying
  • develop your own spirituality
  • introduce you to the art of Spiritual Direction
  • help you explore how to integrate prayer and life
  • learn about some of the great traditions of Christian Spirituality (eg Benedictine, Franciscan, etc.)
  • reflect on Biblical themes and insights into the life of the Spirit.

The course will:

  • offer opportunities to work in small and large groups
  • offer a reflective approach in which to make your exploration
  • provide opportunities of individual tutoring
  • provide a weekly period of meditation.

The Course is open to people of all traditions, those of other faith groups, and any who are interested in exploring the theme of Christian spirituality. It stands alone, but also forms an ideal preparation for other courses that we run or host.

The Course comprises three modules and runs for 20 sessions over two terms, with a break for Christmas and Easter.

Course Modules:
This Course is intended to be experiential rather than academic and has a gentle pace, complementing personal journeys in spiritual development. Those who participate are asked to be generous in sharing their wisdom and may sometimes be challenged to find new riches as different traditions of Christian spirituality are explored.

  • Preparing the Ground: looking at images of God through personal experience, scripture and prayer

  • The Wisdom of the Ages: an introduction to some of the mazi1 traditions of Christian spirituality

  • The Witness of Scripture and Life: how biblical themes can inform our spirituality.

To aid this process participants are invited to keep a reflective log through the year, the fruits of which are shared with their tutor. There are also some written assignments to aid the process of learning.

“My prayer life has deepened, I feel more “complete” - I have learned to trust God: these changes feel profound.”

Dates: Monday afternoons 2pm to 4.45pm


15 October – 12 November

Break 19 November

26 Nov – 17 December

Christmas break Dec 24 – Jan 14


21 January – 25 February

Break 4 March


11 March – 8 April

Full Fee for 2018-19: £425

Please ask if you would like to pay in termly instalments.


Monday afternoons, 2.00pm-4.45pm




London Centre for Spiritual Direction
The Church of St Edmund the King
Lombard Street


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