Events: Developing Direction

GROWING IN GOD’S LIFE: Four Recurring Movements in the Spiritual Life

Growing in God’s Life will explore the role of spiritual directors in accompanying others through four recurring movements

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STREAMS IN THE DESERT: Leading Quiet Days and Retreats

This workshop will explore the practicalities of organising quiet days and short retreats

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FROM DREAMS TO REALITY: Decision Making in Spiritual Direction

The day will include both practical and theoretical input to helps us explore how to best make decisions.

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BREAKING BREAD FOR THE JOURNEY: Using the Bible in Spiritual Direction

This day will enable us to explore creative and biblically grounded ways of enriching the ministry of spiritual accompaniment, helping us to break this sacred bread and recognise the Spirit of God at work.

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RETURN TO SACRED RELATIONSHIP: Moving from Utilitarianism to Presence

This day is based on the work of Martin Buber, who, although Jewish, has profoundly affected Christian spirituality and philosophy.

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I THINK THEREFORE: Gifts & challenges of working with people in their heads

This day will explore thinking as both a gateway and a barrier to spiritual growth as well as practices that will take our directees further into loving and serving God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.

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