Events: Developing Direction

Open Door Retreat Training

This training event, for a maximum of 12 participants, will equip spiritual directors to lead open door retreats.

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Mindfulness and the mind of God:  Exploring Mindfulness through the Christian Tradition

Far from a foreign import mindfulness is not only endemic but essential to the Christian understanding of how the human person relates to the divine. The aim of the day is to reflect on the nature of mindfulness, especially as perceived from its Buddhist roots and how this may (or may not) relate to the wider tradition of Christian prayer.

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Being a Guide on a Week of Accompanied Prayer

For spiritual directors - add to your skills by training to be a guide on weeks of accompanied prayer.

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Presence in Dying: Spiritual Care at the End of Life

The process of dying has been likened to a journey. The theme of the day will be ‘presence’ using Nolan’s framework of: evocative presence; accompanying presence; comforting presence and hopeful presence.

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Where is God in all this? How we ask about God in Spiritual Direction

“Where is God in all this?” is a question much-beloved of spiritual directors. However, if God is “in all things” then this question makes no sense. What are we really asking? This day will explore how we we might ask about God with those who come to talk with us.

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The Gifts and Challenges of Diversity

In the vocation of Spiritual Direction we encounter all types of people where diversity is in and out of view. What are the potential implications of diversity for directors and directees? Join us to explore this important topic.

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