Being a Guide on a Week of Accompanied Prayer

with Revd Alison Christian

Experiencing a Week of Accompanied Prayer as a participant can be a life changing experience. It’s an opportunity for those who feel they know very little about prayer; those whose prayer life has become dry or tired, or those who simply want to deepen their walk with God, to be introduced to new ways of praying, and to have the experience of being listened to and guided.

These Weeks, sometimes called, ‘A Retreat in Daily Life’, take place in local communities and parishes, allowing participants to engage in the process without having to go away, and at very little cost.

This basic training in guiding on a Week will seek to introduce would-be guides to the principles of the work, the ‘how-to’ of care, support, discern and pitfalls to avoid. It will offer suggestions and resources. At the end of the day you will feel more competent and confident about your ability to walk with someone through a Week of Accompanied Prayer.

This training is open to trained spiritual directors or those who have offered spiritual direction as part of their ministry and want to take it further.

Coffee and tea available; please bring your lunch.

Revd Alison Christian

Alison Christian, Advisor and Advocate for Spiritual Direction at LCSD, was Warden at Launde Abbey before taking up her role at the Centre, is an experienced spiritual director, retreat-giver and Anglican priest.


Monday 18 March, 2019




London Centre for Spiritual Direction
The Church of St Edmund the King
Lombard Street


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