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If you are a spiritual director and would like to apply to be part of the Community, please go to the Community page to download a membership application. If you are searching for a spiritual director, we also offer a service where our Referrals Co-ordinator, who is also the Warden of the Community, will help you think through what you are hoping for, and will offer suggestions about an appropriate director from our Community. It’s a confidential service, and a free one. Please make initial contact by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by phoning the Centre on 020 3837 5291.

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  1. Alison Blenkinsop (Church of England)

    • England, West Sussex
    • Skype, Email, Zoom
    I'm a member of Pagham Church (traditional, middle-of-the-road CofE) and active in my local community. My Christian commitment began in childhood and the evangelical tradition. My faith and prayer life then broadened, and I now find Jesus anywhere and everywhere. I am also a member of the Church Mission Society, with which I served as nurse/midwife in Pakistan for 13 years, and of Green Christian. I am widowed, with a heart for the bereaved and single households. I am particularly inspired by Celtic worship and love listening to others, making music, reading and creative writing.
  2. Jane Booth (Anglican, Christian, Contemplative)

    • England, Berkshire
    • Skype, Zoom
    I am an experienced and trained spiritual director and guide for the Ignatian Exercises. I provide an open, non-judgmental, sacred space where people can reflect on, discern and explore their unique walk with God. I listen sensitively with an open heart, especially with those experiencing transition or living on the edge. I value the journey of each person to find their deeper centre with God. I am associated with a contemplative religious order and value silence.
  3. Graeme Booth (Catholic)

    • England, Kent
    • Skype, Email, Zoom
    I qualified as a spiritual director under the Training Programme in Spiritual Direction, run from the Carmelite priory, Aylesford. I have an MA in Theology. I have done Richard Rohr’s Men’s Rite of Passage and have led a men’s faith sharing group for eight years.
  4. Anna Bosatta (Church of England, contemplative, charismatic)

    • Website
    • England, London - East
    • Skype, Email, Zoom
    I would love to accompany you if you too want to seek God in every part of life: engaging with creativity, nature, the body, the imagination, the present moment. I am a musician, poet and mother. I am inspired by a broad spectrum of spirituality within and beyond Christianity. LGBTQ+ affirming. Working from home in Hertfordshire, at LCSD where I trained, or online; accept voluntary donations.
  5. Alice Bree (Anglican)

    • England, London - North, London – North West
    I am a lifelong Christian. I worked as a nurse and midwife before I married a Roman Catholic. I think of myself as Benedictine and am interested in Ecumenism/Unity, contemplative prayer and meditation. I worked as a psychotherapist for many years before I trained as a Spiritual Director at LCS on the Encounter Course. I lead Quiet Days contemplating creativity with an emphasis on the significance of clay. I am a ceramic artist and teacher of Ceramics. I also assist at weeks of Accompanied Prayer locally
  6. Carolyn Bridgen (Anglican, Christian)

    • London - Central, Surrey
    I am trained as an Ignatian Spiritual Director and can offer both the 19th Annotation and also a broader form of spiritual direction using visual arts, poetry and writings. I have provided a number of contemplative art workshops. I have also practiced as a qualified Art Psychotherapist for the last 20 years. In my therapeutic work I have had an interest in spiritual abuse. I am interested in the interweaving of Spirituality with Psychology and Creativity.
  7. Kayte Brimacombe (Catholic)

    • London - North
    I am passionate about offering a sacred space to others who want to deepen their relationship with God, as my own life has been incredibly enriched by that accompaniment. I am a Catholic and have been practising centering prayer, as taught by Thomas Keating, for many years. I also bring experience as a mother and carer and I have a particular interest in L’Arche spirituality. I have an MA in integrative transpersonal psychotherapy (2004) and see directees at my home in N8. I am happy to work with people of all faiths or none.
  8. Antonia Bruce ( Contemplative, Charismatic)

    • England, West Sussex
    • Skype, Zoom
    Worship in the ordinary, and facilitating encounter and a deeper sense of God’s loving Presence, are central to my offering. I have a deep appreciation of the Anglican, RC and newer charismatic expressions of Church. The Bible, Holy Communion, nature and creativity are precious to me. It is a privilege to create a sacred space in which, whoever comes, is listened to attentively, in loving acceptance. It is my desire to work with the Lord washing feet and cleaning windows, so that God colours are seen and noticed. [I prefer to give this freely, unless it makes it easier for someone to receive, if they give, and then I suggest a gift to a Christian Charity.]
  9. Carolyn Buckeridge (Anglican, Quaker)

    • London - South
    I have a heart for the spiritual well-being of clergy. I see my role as to grow and nurture other people’s passion for Jesus.
  10. Julie Burnett-Kirk (C of E Ecumenical)

    • Website
    • England, West Sussex
    • Skype, Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp
    I have been practicing as a trained spiritual director for 10 years and also supervise spiritual directors. My approach is drawn from a variety of Christian traditions with a strong Ignatian influence. Alongside my spiritual direction ministry I also provide pastoral supervision. My background is in education and leadership coaching and my interests include walking, art and painting.

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The Community of Spiritual Directors comprises those who, in offering this ministry, have agreed to abide by the Centre’s Code of Practice.

Disclaimer: The information in this directory is provided by those whose names and information appear here. While many and even most here are known to us, the Centre cannot officially certify, recommend or endorse any listed here.

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