New People, New Places

Posted on July 5th, 2017

We are delighted to share our home here at St. Edmunds with the Centre for Church Planting and Growth (CCPG). On the blog, the team from CCPG tell us more about their mission and role as part of the Diocese of London’s Capital Vision 2020.

New people, in new places, in new ways. That is the primary task of the Centre for Church Planting and Growth located at St. Edmund the King and under the direction of Bishop Ric Thorpe. At a time when less and less people identify themselves as Christians and dropping church attendance seem to be the norm, we are convinced it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a biblical mandate to go, make disciples, and baptise, the Centre for Church Planting and Growth engages a charism of creativity and innovation to identify, develop and plant new worshipping communities in London and across England. As part of the Diocese of London’s Capital Vision 2020 we are actively working toward planting 100 new worshipping communities in the diocese by 2020. The 40th plant was launched on 25 May.

The Bishop of Islington also supports the planting of city centre resource churches throughout the Church of England as he is invited in by diocesan bishops to assist them in their plans. The goal is to see 100 city centre resource churches started around the country by 2025.

As opportunities to plant new communities are identified, the Centre works to develop those plants by offering consultations, coaching, courses and grants. Each term roughly 10 potential church plants take part in our seven-week Church Planting Course. The course covers vision and strategy, growth, mission, resources, leadership, and structures. On the seventh week, the plants present their plans to a panel as a means of soliciting feedback in final preparation for launch.

Helping existing churches to grow is also part of the work of the Centre. Church Growth Learning Communities provide opportunities for vicars and their leadership to spend two days, twice a year, for two years, intentionally focused on growing in depth and breadth. Topics covered over the two years include knowing your purpose and vision, understanding your culture, developing leaders, multiplying mission, and deepening discipleship.

We each have a part to play If the church is to grow. God invites us to participate in planting and watering while he gives the growth. How exactly it happens is up to him.

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