Fen Court Labyrinth

Posted on May 3rd, 2017

Centre trustee Antonia Lynn tells us about our labyrinth in Fen Court. As she says, it’s the Centre’s best-kept secret and it’s the inspiration for our new logo.

It’s May, and it feels good to stop for a breath of air during a busy day, even in the city. If you’re at the Centre and fancy a walk, and space for prayer and reflection, why not visit our labyrinth in Fen Court? It’s the Centre’s best-kept secret, only five minutes’ walk away: turn left out of the main door, cross over Gracechurch Street (Marks & Spencer on your left) and continue down Fenchurch Street. Fen Court is a small pedestrian area on the left. The land is the churchyard of St Gabriel Fenchurch - one of the churches burned down in the Fire of London and never rebuilt.

The labyrinth was constructed for the Centre in 2010, and since then individuals and groups have walked it as an embodied way of prayer or as a way of preparing for or reflecting on a spiritual direction session. With its roots deep in prehistory, the labyrinth has long been a powerful aid to prayer, mindfulness and discernment - in the Christian tradition as well as many others. It is a universal symbol, found all over the world. Its shape echoes spirals in nature: galaxies, clouds, spiders’ webs, ammonites, ferns. And in our bodies: the surface of the brain, inner ear, intestines, umbilical cord and womb. Perhaps that is why we feel “at home” with the labyrinth. For Christians, the labyrinth is rich with resonances of incarnation, resurrection and the pilgrimage of life.

So come and walk! There is no need for elaborate preparations or instructions: it’s best to let your labyrinth walk simply happen. Remember, it’s not a maze and you will not get lost. On the way in we ask God to help us let go of our preoccupations, our need to hurry or be in control, the things that keep our attention away from the present moment; at the centre we let God give us whatever gift we need; we return knowing that God walks with us.

And if you’d like a guide, or a day workshop for your group or parish, just get in touch!

Antonia Lynn

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