Visit from Sweden

Posted on March 21st, 2017 in News

We were pleased to welcome the Rev Sofia Ericcson and her team of volunteers/staff from her church near Gothenburg, Sweden. They are on a 4 day visit to London and environs to visit different churches and faith based organisations. Their main interest was in finding out how we involve lay people as volunteers in the church. In Sweden, the Swedish Church has traditionally received bountiful state funding. But, as the government is trying to cut back on Church funding, they are having to involve more volunteers in the day to day work of the church.

Their visit with us began with our weekly morning prayers (led by Centre Director Neil Evans) on Wednesday 28th March at the usual time of 9:15am. It was wonderful to be able to share morning prayers with so many visitors. Afterwards, Centre staff mingled with visitors to talk about some of the ways that volunteers are integral to the life of the church. And of course, how lay people who are also Spiritual Directors are such an important addition to the spiritual life of many churches and different denominations in the UK.

After coffee and croissants, Neil Evans and our new Adviser and Advocate for Spiritual Director facilitated a discussion about our work and answered more questions from our visitors. Our visitors left and we were happy to have learnt new things as well about some of the challenges our friends in Sweden are now facing.

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