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​Below you will find information about our one-off workshops and short courses. If you are interested in training to become a spiritual director, please go to our Encounter Course page for more information about our three year formation training.

Developing Direction Programme

  • A series of one-off days, evening and short courses beginning in September 2017.
  • Developing Direction

The Developing Direction programme is a series of one-off days, evening and short courses; covering a broad spectrum of topics, themes and practice issues related to the ministry of spiritual direction.

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Poetry and Book Club

The Poetry and Book Club is a relaxed space for insight, inspiration, support and friendship

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Reaching Out

  • Monday 25 September and Monday 13 November 11 - 4pm; Monday 6th November 6 - 8pm
  • Free
  • Alison Christian
  • Developing Direction

A series of days and evening to promote spiritual direction in the community.

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Getting Messy: Exploring the Value of Play in Spiritual Direction

A day to playfully and prayerfully consider God’s invitation to play - within ourselves, in our practice as spiritual directors, and for our directees. Bring your inner child, ready to play, and in clothes that won’t mind getting a bit messy.

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SHALOM The Place Where Contemplatives and Activists Meet

As spiritual directors, we must be concerned with how our work with individuals finds its place within the greater vision and gift of Christ; shalom is the centre-peace. This will be a day to explore the personal and practical dimensions of shalom; and to link this to our work as spiritual directors.

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Being a Guide on Weeks of Accompanied Prayer

This workshop will explain how Weeks of Accompanied Prayer work, how to be a guide on such weeks and the difference accompanying on a Week and ordinary spiritual direction.

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Exploring Christian Spirituality 2017/2018

  • Monday afternoons from 20 November 2017 to 21st May 2018, 2pm - 4:45pm
  • £390 full cost; £360 if booked before the 26th September 2017

Exploring Christian Spirituality is open to people of all traditions, those of other faith groups, and any who are interested in exploring the theme of Christian Spirituality. The Course aims to: help you reflect on your own spiritual journey; learn about different ways of praying, develop your own spirituality, introduce you to the art of Spiritual Direction, help you explore how to integrate prayer and life, learn about some of the great traditions of Christian Spirituality and reflect on Bibblical themes and insights into the life of the Spirit.

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Journey to the Centre of the Soul: Guiding Explorers

The subject of his recently published book by the same title, this day will explore ‘the summons to a subterranean spiritual adventure, an odyssey of the soul’. He will call us deeper, in company with the great spiritual guides in Christian history who risked the depths, faced the darkness and made astonishing, transformative discoveries

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Practice Issues

One off days as the need arises, on various topics on issues related to your practice as a spiritual director.

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Speaking Out: Promoting Spiritual Direction in our Locality

In these evening, you will be supported and encouraged to find your voice in your parish or in other places; to promote spiritual direction and the work of the Centre.

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