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  1. Kate Hampton (Christ Centered)

    • 020 8785 3129
    • London - South
    I trained at LCSD and have worked as a Spiritual Director for the past six years. I have a special interest in contemplative prayer and meditation, all mystical paths, developing consciousness and transformation, cognitive patterns, depression and spiritual crisis, as well as finding God in ordinary life and nature. My spiritual teacher is Dr Cynthia Bourgeault with whom I go on retreat once a year. From January-June 2019 I will be attending the School of Awakening with Eckhart Tolle. I work with directees from my home in Putney, SW15.
  2. Jackie Harbron (Evangelical)

    • 07932 590852
    • Hertfordshire
    • Skype, Facetime, Email
    I offer ongoing direction by email and phone or Skype as well as face-to-face in my home; 19th Annotation, and Weeks of Accompanied Prayer as a spiritual director, supervisor and organiser. I also give individual and group supervision and am sympathetic to all traditions.
  3. Celia Harrisson (Ecumenical/Anglican Associate Member of Iona Community)

    • 07775861560
    • Surrey
    I am interested in the interface between Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction. As a psychotherapist I specialize in working with complex trauma and attachment. I have experience of participating in the 19th Annotation and 17 years living in an ecumenical Christian Community. I welcome people from a variety of faith traditions and those who are not connected to a church. I am interested in the contemplative way of life and the discovery that “Everything on earth is kissed by God.” My desire is that those I accompany will discover the immortal diamond of their true self that is always loved and treasured by the Divine Presence we call God.
  4. The Rev. Dr. Sue Hartley (Anglican)

    • Essex, London - East
    I have been trained in the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius and can offer accompaniment to people wishing to undertake the Exercises as a retreat in everyday life (19th Annotation). I am also open to accompanying people who are seeking to discern their vocation to ministry (lay or ordained) or to the Single Consecrated Life. I have a background in General Practice – and am also willing to work with people who have mild mental health problems/mild autistic spectrum conditions.
  5. Jacqui Hawkins (Anglican, New Wine)

    • 07919 594699
    • England, London West
    I trained as a director on the 3 year Encounter course at the London Centre for Spirituality. Alongside bringing up my family, my professional life includes 10 years in the funeral industry and 17 years as the manager of a large NHS GP health centre. I have fairly extensive personal and professional experience of loss and grief of different kinds and continue to be in awe at how God journeys with each of us through all the ups and downs of life. I am a volunteer on the staff team of a large Anglican church in West London having spent my twenties and thirties in a Baptist church but am drawn towards a Celtic inner monastic faith expression. I welcome the opportunity to meet with people from all denominations, cultures and different walks of life and have a heart for those struggling to make sense of their life experience within their faith journey.
  6. Sue Henderson (URC Christian)

    • 07803171209
    • Wiltshire
    I am a retired United Reformed Church minister, open to meet with people of all traditions or none, all genders and sexual orientations. I also lead Quiet Days and Retreats and also guide those wishing to do the Spiritual Exercises in everyday life. I have no fixed charges.
  7. Mr Robin Hepburn (Anglican)

    • 07710 593668
    • Kent, London - Central, Sussex
    I've worked in the City of London for 25+ years and trained as a Spiritual Director on the Encounter course. I see people at St Edmund's in the City or at home on the Kent/Sussex border, seeking to offer a sacred space for reflection and questions. I am married with grown up children and have a love of music.
  8. Chris Hill (Christian)

    • 07946 321325
    • Hertfordshire
    • Skype
    I have a broad Christian faith experience and following 3 years Studying The Living School programme with Richard Rohr at The Centre for Contemplation and Action lean towards the Contemplative/Mystical tradition of the church. However, I am comfortable accompanying followers of any faith tradition, or none, on their journey
  9. Judy Holyer (Quaker)

    • 07738224548
    • Avon
    I have, so far, enjoyed twenty-five years’ experience as a spiritual director. I have worked as a Baptist minister and a university chaplain as well as lecturing and running a company. I am trained in the Ignatian tradition.
  10. Peter Huitson (I am a Sufi strongly influenced by Jesus and the Christian tradition. Sufism honours the truth that underpins all faiths. It is a religion of the heart, which seeks God in the heart of humanity.)

    • 07958 654986
    • 0118 9470317
    • Berkshire, London - Central
    • Skype, Email
    I practice meditation and contemplation as a pathway to exploring the mystery of God and have experience of the Christian, Sufi and Vedantic traditions. I am fascinated by the truths that underpin all paths toward the Divine and am happy to work with anyone who wants to go further on their own inner journey. I am a trained counsellor who has worked as a play therapist. I am interested in poetry, working with images, creativity and working with dreams as a way to discern inner guidance, I am currently a final year student on the Encounter Course.

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